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There are so many instruments out there, how do I know which instrument should I learn? Well, if you would like to set a strong foundation in music, piano will be the best instrument to start with!

Here are some advantages of learning the piano:

1) Piano is one of the easiest instruments to get a sound out of right away.

2) You do not have to create a accurate pitch on the piano as all the notes are there and it is easy to play a piece of good sounding music.

3) Sight readings skills can be  easily transferred to other instruments as piano requires skill in reading multiple notes. After this skill is developed on the piano, reading one note on another instrument feels easy!

4) You will be able to play music which sounds good quickly! Beginners often quit because of frustration and boredom when they face challenges, being able to enjoy the music helps in gratification and motivation.


Learn from our passionate and highly qualified piano teachers who will help you build a strong foundation from the start! Students must have their own piano at home, if not they can choose to buy a used reliable good condition digital or acoustic piano from us.

How We Conduct Piano Lessons


1 to 1 piano lesson for children

Diploma piano lesson

Adult piano lesson

O Level/MEP music

Individual piano lessons go by 11 lessons per quarter (3 months), 44 lessons a year. Every student will receive a studio calendar when they enrol.


Lesson duration usually ranges from 30mins to 60mins depending on the age and level of each student. 

  • Beginner 4 or 5 years old : 30 mins per session 

  • Beginner 6 years old and above : 30 or 45mins per session

  • Adult Beginner: 45 mins per session

  • Grade 1 to Grade 3 : 45 mins per session

  • Grade 4 to 8 : 60 mins per session

  • Diploma : 60mins per session

How we teach beginners

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All Videos

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