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If you are looking to send your kid to a Music studio to learn music Musik Artz studio is the one you should explore. The founder Teacher Jieying is a very patient and responsible teacher. She will engage her students and will also making an effort to arrange masterclass and performances for her students. Always trying her best to guide her students. 👍🏻


Musik Artz is a great place to learn piano. The teachers are very qualified and very patient in their teaching. Thank you teachers! Musik Artz 是个学琴很不错的地方。老师们都非常有资格,而且他们的教学很有耐心。谢谢老师们!

-Yi Shuang

Teaches looks forward for students for competitions. Fun learning, and gets rewards after hard work. Let's us share our learning after 2 terms. Thank you Ms Liew for your support.


This place is a good learning environment. Teacher Jie Ying is a kind and a patient teacher, she also spent her time to company me to find a good piano for my son. Thank you!


The piano teacher are very patient towards my daughter. She teach in very systematic way and build my daughter's confidence and interests towards piano. Highly recommended.

-Yee Hwang

Really enjoy learning piano here. The teacher pays a lot of attentional to detail and is always giving me feedback on how to improve my playing.

-Bryan Quek

A very cozy and nice music studio, conveniently located in this neighborhood. Teachers are all friendly and approachable, highly qualified and knowledgeable. Strongly recommend to all who wants to pick up a new instrument!


My daughter is taking the Piano Garde 1 exam at Musik Artz Studio. I am very grateful to the boss lady for giving us professional advice on how to record the exam. Their piano and environment are highly recommended. (Original) 我女儿在Musik Artz Studio 进行Piano Garde 1 考试,非常感谢老板娘给我们专业的意见如果进行考级录影. 他们的钢琴和环境非常值得推荐。

-Yen Yip

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