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Yang LM

Musik Artz Studio environment is spacious, cozy and nicely decorated, providing a conducive learning atmosphere. The teachers and staff are very friendly and approachable. Furthermore, the piano lesson is well structured. Ms Liew provides weekly progress update for my two kids, indicating what to practise and focus on, as well as area for improvement. My kids always have clear directions during practice at home. They enjoy the lesson and always look forward to the next session. I would strongly recommend Musik Artz Studio is an ideal place for learning the piano.

Veron Huang

If you are looking to send your kid to a Music studio to learn music Musik Artz studio is the one u should explore. The founder Teacher Jieying is a very patient and responsible teacher. She will engage her students and will also making an effort to arrange masterclass and performance for her students. Always trying her best to guide her students. 👍🏻

Rite Touch Music

Very nice place to rent for a small, intimate recital! :) The grand piano has a lovely tone and is well maintained, and the Principal, Ms. Liew is warm, friendly and willing to answer any queries. My pupils loved the venue, and so did I. Two thumbs up!!!


This place is a good learning environment. Teacher Jie Ying is a kind and a patient teacher, she also spent her time to company me to find a good piano for my son. Thank you!


Teaches looks forward for students for competitions. Fun learning, and gets rewards after hard work. Let's us share our learning after 2 terms. Thank you Ms Liew for your support.


Cosy studio with friendly staff and patience teacher. The studio has a nice grand piano and enough space to conduct small masterclass and recital. It doubled up as a great place for recording piano performance, especially since covid exams and many competitions are done online.


Very grateful to have met Musik Artz Studio. The staff there are very friendly and professional. Provides and warm and welcome environment for both staff and students, passionate in both playing and teaching music (piano), and very dedicated to each and every student. Makes use of creative and fun elements to enhance students' learning. Strongly recommend 👍🏻


Highly recommend this place because Musik Artz Studio is a clean, conducive and comfortable learning environment for me to learn piano.
I happen to know this place through a word of mouth from my church friend. Location is also easily accessible for me. Teacher showed her professionalism and experience throughout her teaching. If you are also looking for a piano teacher, I would recommmend you to try the trial lesson first and then decide. 😊

Wilson Lim

Musik Artz Studio is a high quality studio with conducive environment for leaning piano.Both my daughters have been learning piano with Ms Liew since 2019.
She is a patient,responsible & dedicated piano teacher .My daughters have been progressing well under her teaching.

Zhou Yang

My kid really enjoyed learning in Musik Artz Studio and he made significant progress with Ms Jie Ying so far. The teachers are professional and patient with young kids. The staff is always kind and welcome. Will recommend it to my friends.

Chong Yee Hwang

The piano teacher are very patient towards my daughter. She teach in very systematic way and build my daughter's confidence and interests towards piano. Highly recommended.

Yi Shuang

Musik Artz is a great place to learn the piano. The teachers are all very qualified and they teach patiently. Thank you teachers!
Musik Artz是个学琴很不错的地方。老师们都非常有资格,而且他们的教学很有耐心。谢谢老师们!

Anna Ler

Ms Liew is a very patient and professional teacher. My daughter has been with her for 6 years and we have seen great improvement in her playing. She has been inspired ever since Ms Liew taught her and if not for her, my daughter’s interest in piano might not continue. Highly recommended👍🏻.

Fiona Lu

I have to say teacher Jie Ying is very patience and professional.
Thank you so much for your time to conduct piano lesson for Bruce . Hope he continues to show his passion about piano and build a good foundation under ur professional teaching method.

Xin Yi Wang

A very cozy and nice music studio, conveniently located in this neighborhood. Teachers are all friendly and approachable, highly qualified and knowledgeable. Strongly recommend to all who wants to pick up a new instrument!

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