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Music Is Not Just About Exams.... It is about Musicianship. What is musicianship?

What is Musicianship? In Musik Artz Studio we believe in holistic music education, building qualities which a musician should have, for example, the ability to sight read, feeling sense of rhythm, singing the right pitch, able to hear the harmony from a piece of music, improvisation, composition etc. Musicianship is a foundation. Of course all these professional skills takes time, just like becoming a doctor or lawyer or any kind of advanced professional. From the time one starts getting serious about learning music, expect it to somewhere between 10 years to master all aspects of musicianship. Some people will do it more quickly, some slower, but this is an estimate for most musicians.

Exams are just part of this journey which helps you improve your musicianship and SHOULD NOT be your only main goal.

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