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Why Is Performing In Recitals Important? Why Organise Recitals?

Student in action during a recital

Here are some reasons:

1) Piano recitals are good opportunities for students to grow their skills to the next level, and boosting their confidence

2) Students have a clear goal to work towards. Students must structure practice and do it consistently, learning good time management skills and discipline.

3) Students will be more focused and motivated to give their best. When students know that they need to perform in front of an audience, they will put in more effort so to win the approval of an audience. After receiving positive feedback, they will be more motivated and strive to do better next time.

4)Students have to learn how to deal with butterflies in the stomach and stress. When children are taught how to overcome stress at young age, they gain more confidence and feel a sense of achievement.

5)Recital is not just about playing the piano. It also involves speaking in front of an audeince too. Public speaking is a lifelong skill which will help students as they mature into adults. Being exposed to such experiences at young age makes these skills easier for them as they grow up.

6)Besides public speaking, they also learn the skill of recovering from mistakes. It is very important to know how to manage emotions and mistakes on stage. When mistakes are made, the last thing they should do is to shake their head or show frustrations. They should continue playing and ignore the mistakes. Piano recital is a good place to learn and achieve this damage control skill.

7)Recital is the only time when music is performed fluently, without other disturbances or distractions amidst the usual practice sessions. Parents can truly focus on their own children's playing. This is a priceless experience.

8)Lastly, recitals deepens the bonding between parents and children. When parents show support, gives praise by attending and listening to their recital, kids feel loved and encouraged, therefore confidence is increased.

Boys and girls, next time when you are asked to perform, embrace it as it is part of your music journey! :)

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